Telegram or Signal? Welcome to the illusion called data security – National Herald

According to leading tech and media consultant Prasanto K. Roy, when WhatsApp discovered the Pegasus attack, it quickly fixed the , informed users whom it could trace the hack to, informed the relevant governments and initiated proceedings against the spyware’s creators in the US federal court.

“Unlike WhatsApp/Facebook, competitors Signal or are unlikely to have the resources to do any or all of these in to a bug. At the most, they’d fix the bug,” Roy told IANS.

Another big worry is that the present-day situation increasingly refers to a massive policy vacuum that exists in in the context of protection of and .

“As of today, India does not have a dedicated on privacy or on cyber . Further, it still does not have a legal in place for protecting all kinds of data. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 is pending consideration before the Joint Parliamentary Committee. Further, India does not have a dedicated policy on data localisation,” Duggal informed.

“The circumstances and ecosystem are very ripe for state and non-state actors to do activities aimed at prejudicially impacting the security, integrity, sovereignty and also cyber sovereign interests of India”.

Mere switching to new chat platforms alone may not suffice.

“You will have to inculcate new life skill sets which need to be built on the foundation of cyber security and data privacy,” he said, adding that the present law is extremely deficient and is incapable of protecting personal and data privacy.


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