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There are at least as many doorways into a supposedly secure system as there are logins—and big companies know that. It’s why cybersecurity experts are personnel in any business IT infrastructure (and they get paid to reflect that).

But that’s not money for nothing. In fact, a lot of the work that goes into being an IT analyst happens before you even snag an interview. Different databases require different security protocols, which means you need different certifications. If you’re hoping to land these kinds of jobs, your tech skills and resumé must be diverse.

Enter the Master CyberSecurity 65+ Course Certification Bundle, a wide path to employment in this rapidly growing field. True to its name, it offers more than 65 classes, each dedicated to a different aspect of cybersecurity or how you can implement it on various platforms. Whatever system your company uses, it’s a good bet that you’ll find a way to protect it in this online boot camp.

With great knowledge comes numerous certification opportunities. Alongside the skills in penetration and required on the job, users can benefit from exam prep for some of the most in-demand trade certifications in the cybersecurity realm—including a range of CompTIA Security+ tests, as well as Azure and Web Services. You’ll get the equivalent of private tutoring in everything from CISM best practices to the latest requirements for the recently established Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

And it’s all taught by experts in the field, gathered by the LearnNow online learning platform. PCMag readers can snag lifetime access to more than 130 hours of online training via The Master Cyber Security 65+ Course Certification Bundle, available now for $29.99—98 percent of the original MSRP.

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