AU students get hands-on cyber security experience at Georgia Cyber Center

AU students get hands-on cyber security experience at Georgia Cyber Center

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – The new network security operations center at the Georgia Cyber Center allows IT security professionals to track all threats in real-time.

It’s not something out of a movie, either, but a real-time cyber map of the world certainly makes it look like something James Bond would be standing in front of.

It’s just one of the tools they use here at the brand new security operations center.

“Our primary mission is to defend Augusta University and Augusta University Health system against cyber threats,” . Heather Roszkowski, the chief information security officer at AU said.

Roszkowski says cyber threats come daily.

“Ransomware, , spearphishing– any attempts to either gain access to ,” Roszkowski said.

Or fill a hacker’s pockets, but the space is also for another kind of future.

“Working here is an honor,” AU graduate student Delaney Whitman said.

Whitman is one of many students working already.

“I think especially because we are in the medical district,” Whitman said. “I think having the alerts that come specifically to the healthcare system and the hospital are extremely important, especially in Augusta.”

Students and professionals work together to protect patient data at AU Health. But with high-level companies down the hall, there’s an economic engine starting up.

“Potentially one of our students could leave us as a student assistant and walk straight into employment with one of these other organizations is hands down a major opportunity,” Roszkowski said.

It’s also a major opportunity for the CSRA. That kind of access can attract companies and students. It already has.

“I’ve heard a lot of excitement and just wanting to know more about this space and what it does,” student Mariam Bello-Ogunu said.

It’s a cyber center building a cyber workforce, laying the groundwork for the future for Augusta.

“The future way of developing our cyber professionals is through actual operations like this,” Roszkowski said.

Officials are hoping to run the facility 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and help staff it with students, along with partnerships from Fort Gordon.

AU says hundreds of students are in the cyber center taking classes each day. Many of them are taking a class just walking down the hall to their part-time job.


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